Parkour Flip Trickster 2022


Game description

Train to become the Master of Trampoline by learning how to do frontflips, backflips, gainers, layouts, leaps, and bounces on the trampolines in your garden, gym, or circus. Flip Master is the most fun and dynamic trampoline game ever made. It has its physics engine and is based on the physics of animated Ragdolls. Defy the rules of physics and show that you are deserving of respect. Get the following by downloading Flip Master right now: A wide array of exciting places! Choose where you want to go! a private outdoor space, a fitness center, and a trampoline designed for competition! Trampoline Park and Circus with a Large Selection of Trampolines! Unlock abilities and secret methods! Unlock abilities that are both dangerous and magnificent! Using your hands, you can efficiently perform front flips, back flips, gainers, and ten more feats. Incredible Power-Ups!Power-up Frenzy! a wide variety of different kinds of power-ups to pick from! The jumping party may begin as soon as you decide whether to use the medicine ball or the foam cube. Even More: Experience the thrill of the gold rush with the Coin Rain power-up, in addition to many other exciting features! AMAZING CHARACTERS! You get to select, improve, and personalize your characters. You have the potential to reach unfathomable heights as an athlete. Each figure has its own set of physics rules to follow! Put on a show for your pals and show off your most significant movements! Make a video of your most impressive moves and your most hilarious gaffes. Demonstrate to the world who the boss is on the trampoline!
Mouse Or Touch to play